Gets the default database file specification.

errCode = Db_FileSpecDef_get_r (sFileSpec_r, strSz)
Dir Type Par Description
in/out TCHAR* sFileSpec_r Returns "Db1.dbd" in Windows.
Returns "\MyDocuments\Db1.dbd" in PocketPC.
in int strSz Maximum file spec length.
return int errCode Error code. 0 if none.

Generally used to determine default database file specification when none is supplied by user or when previous database no longer exists.

Db_init, Db_File_close_r, Db_File_create_r, Db_File_exists_b, Db_File_open_r, Db_File_save, Db_FileSpec_get_r, Db_FileSpec_set_r, Db_FileSpecDef_get_r, Db_Mem_defrag_r, Db_MemSize_get, Db_MemSizeAvail_get, Db_verify_r

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