Creates a database file.

errCode = Db_File_create_r (dbSz=kDbSzDef_g)
Dir Type Par Description
in int dbSz Size of database in integers (not bytes). For maximum performance the size should not exceeds available physical memory.
return int errCode 0 - No error.
10 - File spec length is 0.
20 - File size too small.
30 - File size too big.
40 - Could not open file.
50 - Could not create file token.
60 - Could not map file into memory.
70 - File size not divisable by size of integer.

Call Db_FileSpec_set_r beforehand to specify the file.

Sample Code

Db_init, Db_File_close_r, Db_File_create_r, Db_File_exists_b, Db_File_open_r, Db_File_save, Db_FileSpec_get_r, Db_FileSpec_set_r, Db_FileSpecDef_get_r, Db_Mem_defrag_r, Db_MemSize_get, Db_MemSizeAvail_get, Db_verify_r

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