Application Programmer's Interface

The API allows C/C++, VB, Delphi programmers to manage a database.
The API is accessed via a DLL. Core functions are in bold.

Group Functions
Db Db_init, Db_File_close_r, Db_File_create_r, Db_File_exists_b, Db_File_open_r, Db_File_save, Db_FileSpec_get_r, Db_FileSpec_set_r, Db_FileSpecDef_get_r, Db_Mem_defrag_r, Db_MemSize_get, Db_MemSizeAvail_get, Db_verify_r
Nodes N_AncOf_b, N_ClsInst_get, N_create, N_delete, N_deleteDescs, N_isSys_b, N_Name_get, N_Name_getEx, N_Name_setWithAStr, N_Str_getNamed, N_SVO_getElem, N_SV_getO, N_SVO_set, N_EA_setV_wAStr
Misc AStr_getStr, AStr_getNamed, F_getHier
Expressions Xp_AStrsToAry_r, Xp_compile, Xp_execute, Xp_process_r

Note: Functions ending in "_b" return a BOOL (32-bit integer). Functions ending in "_r" return an ERR_CODE (32-bit integer) indicating the error code (0 for none). Many functions return a pointer (32-bit integer) to a node. Function parameters starting with "h" indicates a handle and requires the address of a variable. Function parameters ending with "_r" indicates a variable that returns a value.

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