Returns a node/thing's extended name as an ascii string.

N_Name_getEx (pN, str_r, strSz, fullName_b=FALSE, addParen_b=FALSE, ignMnCls_b=FALSE, pIgn1=NULL, pIgn2=NULL)
Dir Type Par Description
in int* pN A node/thing.
in/out TCHAR* str_r A string that is set to pN's name.
The string MUST be empty.
in int strSz Maximum string size.
in BOOL fullName_b Full/extended Name
in BOOL addParen_b Add parentheses
in BOOL ignMnCls_b Ignore main class in extended name.
in int* pIgn1 Ignore pIgn1 in extended name.
in int* pIgn2 Ignore pIgn2 in extended name.



N_AncOf_b, N_ClsInst_get, N_create, N_delete, N_deleteDescs, N_isSys_b, N_Name_get, N_Name_getEx, N_Name_setWithAStr, N_Str_getNamed, N_SVO_getElem, N_SV_getO, N_SVO_set, N_EA_setV_wAStr

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