DLL Downloads

This page provides DLL download links.
See appropriate section below.
Click here for applications.

Windows NT/2000/XP
File Language Version Size
dbd_dll_c.zip C/C++ Beta 7.8.3 124 Kb
dbd_dll_vb.zip Visual Basic Beta 7.8.3 124 Kb

1. Download by clicking the file above and saving to your destop.
2. Call DLL from your program.
    To use DLL with C/C++, click here.
    To use DLL with VB, click here.
    Or refer to your programming environment documentation.
3. To uninstall, delete extracted files.

Pocket PCs (v3.0)
Platform File Version Size
ARM (ie Compaq iPAQ H3635) In development Beta 7.8.3 31 Kb
SH3 (ie HP Jordana 548) In development Beta 7.8.3 45 Kb
MIPS (ie Casio EM500) In development Beta 7.8.3 32 Kb


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