Below is a list of examples.
Most include the script to enter the data via the NLI, sample queries and a downloadable zip file.
Some examples include the steps to enter the data via the GUI and code to enter the data via the API.

To enter the data via the NLI, type or copy the script in the input box.
More than one expression can submitted at a time.

Or simply download the zip file which contains the script in a text file and the completed database.
To browse the data, simply click tree nodes.

ID Description
1 Persons
5 Persons with Attributes
15 Persons with Varied Attributes I
20 Persons with Varied Attributes II
25 Skin, Hair, Color and Texture
30 Wigs and Coats (with code)
60 First/Last Names
65 First/Middle/Last Names
100 Persons in Single Hierarchy (with code)
105 Persons in Multiple Hierarchies
110 Nearest Common Ancestor (with code)
120 Siblings
200 Tabular Data
205 Things Named Brown
210 Box Attributes (qtys with units)
215 Person's Mass (typed qtys with units)
220 Pilots Who Fly All Jets
225 Min, Max, Sum, Avg and Count
230 Products Not Ordered
235 Verifying Basic Expressions
250 Order Details
255 Complex Sentences
260 John, Mary and R2D2
305 Pizza Orders (with code)
310 Books
315 Multi-Media Catalog
330 Student Test Scores
335 Road Tolls Between Cities
440 WalMart Sales
445 Merchandise Sales & Purchases
450 Baseball Team
470 Construction Project Documents
480 Courthouse & Staff
485 Food Judging Contest
490 Computer System Configurations
495 Real Estate Listing
600 Simple Db Program
700 Human Cytogenetic Map
705 Gene Ontology
710 Biological Taxonomy
720 World Hierarchy

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