Tree Node and Grid Cell Labels

Background: Thing, Name
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Tree node and grid cell labels display information about the thing it represents. By default, a label only displays a thing's name (Fig 1). Sometimes, this can make it is difficult to distinguish things. For example, by default, the node for person named john and the node for string john are both labeled "john". Several View Menu options help distinguish things in such cases.

With the Parentheses option checked, the node for the person named john is labeled "(john)" and the node for the string john is labeled "john". Each set of parentheses correlates with one level of referencing.

In some cases, even with parentheses enabled, some things can be difficult to distinguish. For example, two person named john would both be labeled "(john)". With the Extended Name option checked (Fig 2), a node also displays a thing's attribute values and parentheses, thus the two johns might appear as "(john)((28))" and "(john)((35))".

In some cases, even with Extended Name, some things can be difficult to distinguish. For example, two johns both of age 35. For such cases, check the View Menu's ID option to include a numerical identifier.

Due to limited space, grid cells always display a simple name for the thing it represents. Grid cell labels are unaffected by View Menu options.
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