How to Create a Thing

Background: Thing/Node/Sequence/Element, Views, Tree
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In general, to create a thing and relate it as the next element of a sequence via the GUI, select a node and then issue command. To create a thing (ie john) via the tree:
1. Select the verb of a sequence (ie person\instance) as shown in figure 1.
2. Create thing ().
A node appears as a child under person\instance with it's label in edit mode as shown in figure 2.
Type a name for the new thing and press enter.

Once a class {ie person} has at least one instance {ie john},
additional instances {ie mary} can also be created via the grid as shown in figure 3:
1. First select a sequence's verb {ie person\instance} in the tree. This causes the grid to be loaded appropriately.
2. In the grid's last record {*} click a white cell twice with a small delay between clicks.
3. In the combo box that appears in the cell, select an existing value or type in a new value and press enter.

Alternatively, to create a thing and relate it as the next element of a sequence via the NLI, type the following expressions in the input box:
1. (new)
2. (set person instance (it))
3. (set (it) name 'john)
Click the submit button and a new thing appears as a child node under person\instance.

Above methods of creating a thing and relating as the next element of a sequence can be used with any sequence {ie "earth continent africa", "john like mary", "john hate bob during school", etc}.

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