Remote User Interface

DBD can view (read-only) data in a remote database. The two computers must be connected by a TCP/IP network. The Internet and most local area networks use TCP/IP. One computer functions as a Server. A Server transmits requested data. The other computer functions as a Client. A Client requests data to display.

Steps at Server:
1. Execute DBD.
2. Open desired database.
3. Select "Server Mode" from Tools Menu. Note: DBD's title bar displays "[Server Active]"
4. Give Server's IP Address to person at Client. To determine IP Address, open DOS Window via Task Bar's Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Type "ipconfig" at DOS prompt and press Enter. Look for IP Address with format similar to "#.#.#.#" corresponding to adapter which routes to Client.
5. If the Server is behind a firewall, add the Client's IP Address as a trusted zone via firewall software. Obtain Client's IP Address in a manner similar to last step above, however perform it at Client's computer.

Steps at Client:
1. Verify Server's IP Address.
Open DOS Window via Task Bar's Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
Type "ping #.#.#.#" and press Enter.
If the response is "Request timed out" recheck above steps.
If the response is "Reply from..." continue with steps below.
2. Execute DBD.
3. Select "Client Mode" from Tools Menu.
4. A dialog box titled "Server's IP Address" appears.
5. Enter the Server's IP Address and click OK.
6. The remote database is loaded in the tree with its IP Address appended.
Click "+" to show children or double-click to force a reload.
7. To terminate connection with Server, uncheck "Client Mode" in Tools Menu.
8. If appropriate, disable "Server Mode" at Server.

Since the Client can only view data, most commands are disabled during Client Mode.
The grid control is disabled/minimized during Client Mode.
The File > Exit command is disabled if either Server or Client is enabled.
It is possible for DBD to act both as Server and Client simultaneously.
For demo purposes, DBD can connect to itself by entering its own IP Address (
The Server can modify data while a Client is connected, however the Client will need to manually reload data to see the changes.
It is possible for Clients (ie Pocket PCs) with limited resources to view portions of a larger database on a Server.
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